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Time Gal & Ninja Hayate is a playstation release that features a double-set of Taito’s anime-styled FMV games. Time Gal features different Stage Order game modes: Arcade mode, Random, LD Pattern, Chronological, Test-Version & Selectable. Ninja Hayate features different Stage Order game modes: Arcade mode, LD Pattern, AC-Pattern, etc.
Time Gal is a FMV-based game which uses pre-recorded animation rather than sprites to display the on-screen action. Gameplay is divided into levels, referred to as time periods. The game begins in 4001 AD with the theft of a time travel device. The thief, Luda, steals the device to take over the world by changing history. Reika Kirishima, the protagonist also known as Time Gal, uses her own time travel device to pursue him; she travels to different time periods, such as 70,000,000 BC, 44 BC, 1588 AD, and 2010 AD, in search of Luda. Each time period is a scenario which presents a series of threats that must be avoided or confronted. Successfully navigating the sequences allows the player to progress to another period.
The player uses a joystick and button to input commands, though home versions use a game controller with a directional pad. As the game progresses, visual cues—highlighted portions of the background or foreground—will appear on the screen to help survive the dangers that occur throughout the stage; more difficult settings omit the visual cues. Depending on the location of the cue, the player will input one of four directions (up, down, left and right) or an attack (shoot the target with a laser gun). Inputting the correct command will either avoid or neutralize the threats and progress the game, while incorrect choices result in the character’s death. Reika dying too many times results in a game over. Specific moments in the game involve Reika stopping time. During these moments, players are presented with a list of three options and have seven seconds to choose the one which will save the character.
Ninja Hayate is a 1984 laserdisc arcade game first developed and released by Taito in Japan only. The game became better known when it was released in North America and Europe for the Sega Mega-CD as Revenge of the Ninja.
The game tells the story of a skilled and daring teenage ninja named Hayate, whose father has been killed by the evil Lougi, infiltrating the villain’s Castle of Evil in an attempt to rescue a princess he loves. Hayate must survive a collection of deathtraps and defeat a variety of mythological creatures and other adversaries on his quest to save the princess and destroy the castle.
Studying young Ninja Hayate’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by an evil samurai lord, and he’ll have to battle through scores of assassins and demons to reach her and save her from this sinister master. 15 levels of danger, intrigue and even humor await in this FMV action game.
Publisher: Taito
Genre: Interactive Movie
Release Date:  5 July 1996
Media Format: EBOOT
ID: SLPS-00383-4
Unpacked size: Time Gal = 401MB, Ninja Hayate = 397 MB
Image Format: .PBP
Languages: English
Uploader notes: No matter how hard i looked i couldn’t find an eboot of this game, so i made them myself. These games are RARE.
You can download and play each separately, no need one disc to play the other. But i Strongly recommend you start with Ninja Hayate, because the reaction time is more at a “Human level”, for Time Gal you need to be either super fast or know the pattern and even there it’s not garanteed you’ll suceeed, These two were considered “quarter munchers” on arcade times. Also note that for Ninja Hayate you need to go to options and select to show the arrows, because it doesn’t by default, unlike Time Gal.
Controls are:
Select: Insert Coin
Start: Start (du’h)
Arrows for directions: When it shows diagonals like “up/left” it’s either up or left (you have to guess!)
If it shows more than one arrow you have to choose one.
When it asks to press a button it’s Circle. ALWAYS.
Tested on a PSP 3000 with PRO-C Custom Firmware, i cannot guarantee this will work on any other CFW.
To play this on a PC get ePSXe Emulator from the Emulators Menu.
Have Fun! Nico.
Ninja Hayate DiscPart 1 –  Part 2
Time Gal DiscPart 1 –  Part 2 – Part 3

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