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Saya no Uta

Saya no Uta is a fairy tale about “monsters” and “humans.”
It is the story of one Sakisaka Fuminori, a man who received the curse of perceiving this world and its inhabitants as monstrous;
it is the story of Saya, the single girl whom Fuminori recognized as human.
It is a story about how Fuminori lost his humanity and how Saya gained hers.
But, most importantly, it is a story about love – a love which defiles the world.

40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain + A Happy Valentine

40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain:
They met each other during forty days and forty nights of rain.
This is the tale of a tin soldier and a girl with eyes the color of the sky.
A Happy Valentine:
The side story taking place after 40 days and 40 nights of Rain. It’s a special day, and Kyrie is trying to celebrate this special day for Yuu.


One day, I met a boy in an auditorium, and as a result of that meeting my music composition became entirely changed. This is a heartwarming story with gentle graphics and a quiet piano melody.

A Dream of Summer

Toshiki, the realist.
Mizuna, the girl he met on the roof.
And BROY, the school band whose members surround them.
It’s the summer of their third year, and Toshiki must face not only the school festival, but also a promise that he may never be able to fulfill.

Agnus Dei

A crossover game for 4 of ZigZag’s titles that was released for April Fool’s Day: 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain, The noose, Ballad of an Evening Butterfly, and Entomic Impurity.

At Summer’s End

At summer’s end, we change our grades; the season changes into autumn; the leaves change color; but what of our friendships and our loves?

A Midsummer’s Day Resonance

A delicate tale of coming-of-age, with cell phones, and friends in far-off places, and the first blush of unrequited love …

A Winter’s Tale

Jun is an average student who lives with his mother. During winter holidays his childhood friend Kaede Sakurai helped him with his homework. By that time Jun realized his feelings for Kaede and due to some misunderstandings their ways separated.

Ballad of an Evening Butterfly

Having lost his memory, Sera Kaoru stops in the forest and visits a strange Western-style house. Guided by the house’s owner, the boy in clothes of black, he descends the long spiral staircase to the basement.
There sits a pure white maiden.Crimson eyes and white skin—a breathtakingly beautiful girl. Sera’s job is to distract her from her boredom. He reads a fairytale to her, and upon completing the peaceful job, the boy in black clothes informs him. She is the “ChouTsuki,” and Sera was invited to the mansion to be the ChouTsuki’s “sacrifice.”

Binary Pot (trial version)

Connection with a famous network game “a world”, delicious coffee, and network cafe Binary Pot with a famous girl. As a young chief of the shop, a hero will experience various tales with a regular customer etc. Since girls are the players of a network game, respectively, after closing can also meet them on on-line. And the tale which becomes entangled in both of the worlds, the tale which is not involved. Is a hero how to make it put the body on which world?

 Flood of Tears

An annoying protagonist, an ordinary school life, a few friends here and there. This is the story of a young man who falls in love willingly, and perhaps of a couple young women who fall in love somewhat less willingly.

Hanihani -Operation Sanctuary

The girl that fell out of the blue.
And the protagonist’s life, which began to take a turn little by little into the realm of the extraordinary starting from that very day.
「Nao-kun, if you don’t get up soon, you’re going to be late.」
The new school term started today. The protagonist’s childhood friend, Honami, has kept telling him that he’s not a child anymore, and yet continues to come to wake him up. They proceed as they always have to 『Hasumidai Academy』, which stands atop a hill … but this time around, as second-year students.
「Naoki, I’m going on ahead of you!」
And the protagonist’s cousin, Matsuri, zips past the two of them. After having lost both parents in a terrible accident 5 years ago, the protagonist Naoki Kuzumi was taken in by Matsuri’s parents. And now, Matsuri herself — who had been so opposed to Naoki’s moving in back then — has become a freshman at Hasumidai Academy.
These ordinary, ordinary days, stretching on forever.
… but then, one day, up on the roof of school …

Higurashi (demo)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a Japanese murder mystery series produced by 07th Expansion. The main character, Keiichi Maebara, moves to Hinamizawa and befriends his new classmates Rena Ryuugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Hojo. Keiichi joins their after-school club activities, which consist mostly of card and board games (and punishment games for the loser, usually him.) Hinamizawa appears to be a normal, peaceful, rural village to Keiichi. However, the tranquility abruptly ends after the annual Watanagashi Festival.


Instant Death! Panda Samurai

Once upon a time, there lived a panda samurai, brave and true.

I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air

This is a fairy-tale type novel game in two parts, each part written independently — one by Yuki, the other by Ritsu.
The Caged Vagrant -Yuki’s story-
The story of an amnesiac who slowly comes to reconstruct the world through conversations with a very strange and special friend.
Plumerai -Ritsu’s story-
The Plumerai, which stretches out from the sky like some gargantuan hand. And the countless number of birds who attack this cloud…

Jouka no Monshou

An action packed visual novel based on the film Equilibrium. Written by Urobuchi Gen, the author of Saya no Uta and Kikokugai.

Kagetsu Tohya

One year after the events of Tsukihime, Shiki Tohno is a victim of an accident. After this accident, Shiki awakens into a strange dream wherein he repeats the same day over and over. There are infinitely many endings to the day, but it always begins anew after each day. Eventually, Shiki discovers that he must find Len, the creator of the dream, if he wishes to escape.

Kira -snowdrop-

A town covered in snow, a man, a mysterious little girl, and their entanglement.


The protagonist and his childhood friends awake one day to realize that the world is not their own …

May Sky

The story depicted in the piece is as unusual as the piece’s history: here we have Haruki Mizoguchi, a newly-minted salaryman who is suffering from the freshman blues, and really doesn’t care about anyone around him. And over there we have Minori Kamiake, a world-weary young shrine maiden who, despite her giggly conversations with her school "friends", really couldn’t care less about any of that. When taken separately, these two individuals are malcontents, square pegs struggling to fit into round holes, adrift and alone in a society where solidarity is all that matters. When taken together, though … well, suffice it to say that they can be pretty mean to each other.


The protagonist, Kenji, is living with his adopted sister Yuki, who admires her older brother and harbors a slight secret crush on him. One day, after a certain night, a girl – Hiyori, their childhood friend – begin to appear in Kenji’s closet. Moreover, her body is transparent, and she has gaps in her memory. As they struggle to figure out the mystery behind Hiyori’s state, Kenji begins to realize his forgotten feelings and Yuki suffers with her secret.


This is the story of the unnamed protagonist — who finds himself suddenly without a means to support himself due to factors completely outside his control. This is the story of an entire generation — that finds itself attempting to navigate the treacherous abyss that lies in between childhood and true adulthood. This is the story of a nation — that finds itself struggling to come to terms with a lost decade and a rapidly-changing social climate. This is a story of these things and more.

My Black Cat

All cats have opinions, but few get to speak their minds. Don-kichi, however, can talk, and he has a tale to tell – of his mistress Aki, and of the one discovery that could threaten their life together…


The anonymous protagonist is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after his twentieth birthday, and is admitted to a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki. There he meets Setsumi, a woman a few years older, who is also terminally ill. Finding that they both reject to die either in hospital or at home, they steal a car and run away together.

Narcissu -Side 2nd- (demo)

Narcissu -Side 2nd- is the prequel to the visual novel Narcissu, produced by stage-nana.The plot revolves around on Setsumi, the female heroine from the original visual novel, and on the people and circumstances that formed the character presented in the first game.

Night of the Forget-Me-Nots

Makoto is on her way to the drama club’s spring retreat when she gets lost in the woods, so she’s pretty glad to meet up with another lost kid. Taking him under her wing, she heads for the old school where the retreat is going to take place, blissfully unaware of what lies in wait…


GENUFLECT OR DIE! Now, finally, the lunatic novel game which received enthusiastic applause from … an incredibly small number of rabid Japanese fans … comes to invade the English-speaking world! This piece will have you going OMG, WTF, and OTL all at once.

Plain Song (Xmas)

A short side story to Plain Song (not uploaded), A piece about a lonely (and apparently unpopular) young musician and the quiet girl who listens to him sing every day.

Red Shift

This is how the most selfish girl in the world and the most selfish boy in the world make peace:
Bells in the darkness
that ensnare Heaven’s silver light
inside the inscrutable polyphony
of far-off constellations.

Shooting Star Hill

There’s one at every school – the quiet, aloof girl that nobody really wants to get to know. But this one catches Chihiro’s eye when he discovers she’s a fan of the cult British science fiction films he loves… and that really leaves him with very few options.

Stay. -Fragments of Memories- (demo)

A technical demo for a fan game to ONE-to the radiant season.

The Best Eroge Ever

“You see, this isn’t just any game. This is the best eroge ever made. It has so much ero, and so much ge, that you wouldn’t believe it.” – An eroge parody.

The Dandelion Girl

A middle-aged man on his summer vacation meets a strange girl who claims to be from the future. Adapted from a short story by Robert F. Young.

The Letter

It takes as its subject matter the meaning of “family” in an increasingly fragmented world, and clocks in at around an hour’s reading time. It has several choice points, but none of them have any real effect on the outcome of the story.
Its only graphics are blurred stock photographs culled from online sources. All of its music is likewise borrowed. Despite this minimal production value, responses to this piece have been generally quite favorable, even garnering a recommended rating from the prolific and well-respected freeware novel game critic, NaGIsa — no small feat for a young author then completely new to the scene.
After 「手紙」, P.o.l.c. has gone on to author several other freeware novel games, all of which have gone on to substantial critical acclaim. Artwork has certainly become slicker in recent releases, and production values have steadily risen — but the warmth and the innocent flair of the writing has always remained at the forefront. I have no idea where this group will end up, but I certainly know that this is how it all began: a handful of words, a letter, a silent landscape, a dream …
… and a world entire.

The Noose

My big sister killed me
My little sister hanged me
I killed my big sister
That was all her dead brother had written in his diary
He’d gone out, saying he’d be back soon, but he’d never returned
Soon after, they found his bloody hat
Left alone in the house, “I” spent each day in solitude
Having lost her only relative, everything around her began to warp as she started to lose her grip on reality
The creaking hallway. The laughing doll in her dream. The foggy memories. The brother who’d been beaten to death. The sketch of the hanging left in her brother’s diary
And then, one rainy night
She woke up, realizing that
There was someone in the house
And the night with no dawn began
What did I do?
Or, rather, what have I forgotten?

The Poor Little Bird

A little songbird goes on a journey in search of his friend who abandoned him …

The Work of an Angel (demo)

A technical demo for a fan game to Kanon.

The world to reverse

hallucinate, the world within: a spite-filled girl, a cruel white room, an unspeakable crime.
Flanca, the world without: the boy backstage, the forgotten bouquet, the man in black, the painter.
A pair of powerful, uncompromising, and unconventional short stories.


The story begins in a recollection of a boy called Shiki in his childhood years. There he gains a power out of this world. What is the meaning of this power, and what can he do with it? This is his story of finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Tsukihime Fool’s Errand

A few months after the end of Tsukihime, life at the Tohno mansion has more or less returned to normal. Akiha is busy with school and managing the Tohno estate, Ciel gives Shiki regular after-school lessons to help him catch up on everything he missed, Hisui is ever happy to await Shiki-sama at the front door, Kohaku is as cheerful and crazy as ever and Arcueid has finally gotten firmly in touch with her feline side. Surely, this can’t go on like this for long..

Turning Gears-La Divina Commedia

La Divina Commedia: A Divine Comedy
massacre red cat decaying corpses saw injection
cord festival clapping hands acclamation cat’s arm bakery boy
fate gears gears gears gears gears gears
Now—-La Divina Commedia begins

Visions from the Other Side

Here a dream, there a dream, and the shades of an otherworld that spreads beyond the gate of death. Where will you go? Where will your disembodied feet lead you?
… may the road come up to meet you, and may you never tread on cantankerous fish.

Wanderers in the Sky

The protagonist finds himself wandering in a world of loss, unable to remember exactly what was missing. Through the help of people in his life, he finally starts remembering …


-To Start downloading simply click the name of the game.
-To play This visual novels extract them and copy the entire folder to your ms0:/PSP/GAME folder like any other EBOOT.
-If game feel lag just raise cpu to 333mhz
-This games don’t work on PPSSPP. But they are PC ports for PSP, simply search for the PC version.
-For help read FAQ first!


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