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This plugin collection has been tested to be working on 6.60 PRO CFW, I can’t assure this will work on any other CFW.
To see what CFW are you running go to Settings -> System settings ->System information. If it’s not 6.60 PRO you can upgrade it by following this guide.

Please follow all this instructions carefully!

The first thing you wanna do is make sure you are not hiding the extensions of files, this willavoid double extensions that will lead to things not working, so do this first:
  1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
  2. Click the View tab, and then, under Advanced settings, do one of the following:
    • Clear the “Hide extensions for known file types” check box, and then click OK.


Plug your PSP via USB cable, and create a new folder on the root of your memory stick (not inside any folder) and call it seplugins this is where we are going to put most of the plugins listed here.
Inside the seplugins folder create the following text files (right click->new->text file->Save as..)
  • GAME150.TXT


This plugin allows you to use CTF themes which are the best looking themes you can get for PSP, I’ve already explained how to get this plugin to work at the end of  the CTF Themes thread.
Example of CTF Theme


Pops is the internal PSX emulator the PSP comes with, POPSLoader is a plugin that allows you to switch between different versions of this emulator.
I’ve uploaded this plugin already presetted so all you have to do i download extract and copy it to your PSP, follow the Guide on this post to get it.

3. Dayviewer

This plugin changes the day/time format from numbers to text and add Battery information to the main PSP XMB. I took the job to translate this plugin to the most languages i could. Here a visual example of what this plugin does:
Once downloaded, extract the rar using winrar. Enter the password:
Copy the 2 files: 
  • dayviewer.prx
  • dayviewer_config.txt
To the seplugins folder, this folder should be on the root of the memory stick, if you don’t have it make a new folder and name it seplugins. Put the 2 files inside it.
Open the file VSH.TXT and paste this code inside of it:
ms0:/seplugins/dayviewer.prx 1
or if using a PSPGo
ef0:/seplugins/dayviewer.prx 1
Now leave USB mode, and press select on the psp and do -> Reset VSH. Now full date and battery info will be displayed on the upper right corner.
Note:  The file dayviewer_config.txt contains days and months, if your language isn’t listed you can download the english version and translate it from that file.

4. PRXShot

This plugin takes screenshots on bmp format, what is good about this plugin compared to others is that, it doesn’t freeze the game to do that horizontal scanning process, when you take a screenshot with this plugin the memory card (orange) led will blink but the game will not stop running.
Download pluginPrXShot
Once downloaded, extract the rar using winrar. Enter the password:
Copy the entire prxshot folder inside the seplugins folder
Add this line to the VSH.TXT, GAME.TXT, GAME150.TXT, POPS.TXT
ms0:/seplugins/prxshot/prxshot.prx 1
or if using a PSPGo
ms0:/seplugins/prxshot/prxshot.prx 1
Now leave USB mode, and press select on the psp and do -> Reset VSH.
You can take screenshots on games or the VSH by pressing the note key ♪
The plugin will create a folder for every game you take a screenshot, this folders can be found at:
example: H:\PSP\SCREENSHOT\…

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