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Why Upgrade to 6.60?
Many of the latest games require you to be on the latest firmware.
Why install a Custom firmware?
There are many cool things you can do with a CFW, like:
  • Play homebrew applications and games, these include games made by indie developers and ports of games that shouldn’t exist on psp, small apps and utilities, and emulators of other consoles.
  • Play ISO backups: You will be able to play backups of games that aren’t digitally signed by SONY, in other words any game you download from this site in ISO or CSO will run on your PSP.
  • Installing Plugins, these modify the psp even more than the CFW itself allowing you do all kind of cool stuff like: take screenshots of games, save/load states, modify PSP menus, overclock the PSP, etc, etc.
I think half the fun of having a PSP comes from experimenting with plugins, emulators, themes, homebrew and apps, the other half comes from actually playing games, at least for me. Let’s get to it:
The latest official firmware, and probably final version by now is 6.60.

In case you have another CFW installed:

If you are running prometheus or another CFW you’ll need to do this previous step before being able to update your PSP, if you have no CFW just skip this step and go straight to the next one.
How to remove prometheus by breaker:
1.Press select on your psp then change usb device to flash 0.
2. Connect your psp on your computer go to vsh folder.
3 . Go to etc folder and open version txt.
4. Change release from 9.90 to 5.50 and save.
version.txt example:
Upgrading Official firmware to 6.60:

1.Connect the PSP system to the PC using the USB cable.
2.Using your PC enter the Memory Stick of the PSP, navigate to PSP->GAME
Inside the GAME folder create a new folder and name it UPDATE.
This is the full path:
3. Download the official firmware version 6.60, choose the one corresponding to your  PSP model:
For a PSP 1000/2000/3000 series 
For a PSP PSP-N1000 (PSPgo) series 
4. After downloading the right EBOOT.PBP for your model, copy it to the UPDATE folder created on step 2.
5. Unplug the PSP USB cable, now use the PSP to navigate to the Game menu -> Memory Stick -> PSP update and press X to launch it.
6. DONE!
You can confirm that the update process completed successfully by going to the
Settings->System Setting -> System Information.
Installing Custom Firmware PRO-C2 6.60

1. Download “6.60 PRO-C2″ from the official PRO project site.
2. Extract 660PRO-C2.rar on your PC you will get a 66PRO-C2 Folder.
Then navigate to: ..\660PRO-C2\PSP\GAME
You will find 3 folders there: CIPL_Flasher, FastRecovery and PROUPDATE.
3. Connect the PSP system to the PC using the USB cable copy those 3 folders and paste them into your psp GAME directory. Example:
4. Unplug the PSP USB cable, now use the PSP to navigate to the Game menu -> Memory Stick -> PRO UPDATE.
After running PROUPDATE a menu will appear, press X to install, the console will reboot itself and that’s it.
Every time you turn off your console (by holding the switch like 10 seconds) you will have to run the FastRecovery utility to activate the CFW again. But there’s no reason to shut down a psp like that unless it’s not working properly.
To make sure everything is working fine you can go to:
Settings -> System settings ->System information.
It should say 6.60 PRO C now!
Thats all!

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