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Developed by Jin Products, the title belongs to the category of eroge (erotic games), relatively unknown in United States and Europe.  The goal is to find love by playing one of three women proposed. These three women are Rin, 19 years old, Hitomi, and Chizuru 25 years, 20 years. There is however only one man to seduce. Bokudake no Kajitsu, which is not available for minors, contains erotic scenes, and Sony usually refuses it on its portable console. But, the “game” comes out on UMD video and uses chapters and menus. So, it is considered like a film.
Japanese Name: 僕だけの果実
English name: Bokudake no Kajitsu
Genre: Visual Novel
Released Date: April 3, 2008
Media format: UMD-VIDEO
Disc ID: DDJS-003
Image Format: .ISO
Unpacked size: 1.49 GB
Languages: Japanese

How to use:

1. Create a new folder inside your ISO Folder. Name it VIDEO
2. Copy the ISO inside the VIDEO folder, path: E:\ISO\VIDEO\Bokudake-No-Kajitsu.iso
3. Leave USB mode. Press Select on the PSP.  Move the cursor to “ISO VIDEO MOUNT” and press left/right
4. Press X to select Bokudake-No-Kajitsu.iso, the VSH will reset.
5. To play the Video, go to the Video menu -> UMD and press X.

Notes (Read!):

After the intro select password (the option on the right) to enter the passwords. On this Game they decided to restrict all the PSP video options like pause and fast forward. Fortunately there is a code to unlock this options:
Secret Password Codes:
の ま る <  the video will restart allowing you to use all video functions, i recommend you to always use this code.
ひ か り < secret password A. scene selections.
て の い < secret password B. extra scene with all 3 girls.
も か る < secret code C. this code gives you free extra image

More codes by japan0708

First Girl
は ひ も < this girl's story line code. if you play this girls story you will get 2 secret codes.
た と つ < random code. probably girl selection at the convenience store.
Second Girl
と う を < second girl story line. again. play this and you well get 2 more codes.
Third Girl
れ つ て < third girl story line.
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