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The game is set in Akihabara, Tokyo, during the summer of 2010, and follows a group of friends who have modified a microwave to send mobile text messages back in time. The inventor, Rintaro Okabe, is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who believes that the international scientific organization SERN (based on CERN) is conducting their own time travel experiments and conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests.
The discovery and experimentation of this instrument become the catalyst of fundamental alterations to the present. Okabe is the only one aware of these changes because he possesses a Reading Steiner, the ability to retain the memories from previous experienced timelines. Oblivious of the consequences of their actions, Rintaro and his friends end up creating modifications of grievous proportions.
This eventually causes SERN to take notice, placing the lives of his fellow lab members in danger. Rintaro Okabe must use his time-altering capabilities in order to escape SERN’s attention while keeping his friends away from harm.

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: 2011-06-22
Media Format: UMD
ID: NPJH-50631
Unpacked size: 1.29 GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: Japanese

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